Oncotarget is a popular journal that is published by Impact Journals twice a week. The journal has transformed the lives of many people since it was established several years ago. Oncotarget is believed to have published more papers that any other journal in the year 2015. Most of the publications were focusing on Oncology, and many people received the information they needed. The researchers posting in the journal want to make sure that the content in the journal is read by as many people as possible. This way, many will benefit and also expand in the medical field.

Oncotarget was established with one primary objective; to bring a multidisciplinary approach when it comes to cancer, antiaging research, pharmacology, endocrinology, and metabolism. The journal has also accepted other papers in the recent past. The papers concerning other subjects are published in the journal under the famous creative common attribution license. The exclusive license allows individuals to visit the journal’s online site, read and even download the articles they find as long as they cite the source and also the author at the end of the paper.

Although the successful journal publishes its articles every week, it ensures that it maintains a stringent peer review process. The papers published here are mostly judged on their scientific merit and unbiased analysis. Two or more individuals must review the papers before the content is published. The people doing this job must be extremely experienced in the subject so that no mistake is made. These professionals must have a strong educational background so that they can be allowed to undertake the task.

Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

The chief editor of the journal, Mikhail Blagosklonny must review each and every paper before it is published too. Andrei Gudkov is also a chief editor at Oncotarget, and he helped Mikhail in his duties. The two chief editors work for hand in hand every day to make the publishing process easier and enjoyable to all the parties concerned. The Oncotarget uses the latest technology to hasten the process of reviewing. The editors get the papers that should be examined immediately they are submitted, regardless of the time and day.

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