While success is measured in many ways, it is not hard to measure the success of one Drew Madden. The Wisconsin-based IT expert in the electronic medical records (EMR) section, has led a life that many term as successful. For about 16 years since his graduation, Drew Madden has worked in various private and public institutions with the aim of using his IT skills in helping others. His exemplary lifestyle has attracted many people who can now say that Drew is a successful IT entrepreneur.

Drew Madden graduated with a BSE in Industrial Engineering from the University Of Iowa College Of Engineering back in 2002. After his graduation, Drew worked hard to ensure other people get the best of his skills. It is from this humble beginning that he is now the proud co-founder of Evergreen Healthcare Partners, one of the reputable healthcare consultancy firms in the country.

In a recent interview that has attracted widespread readership, Madden shares some of the pointers that can help aspiring investors to get their space in the dynamic service industry market. In it, he starts by saying that he has had the idea of starting his own healthcare consultancy firm for the past fifteen years. By saying that, Drew wants young entrepreneurs to know that it takes quite some time before one comes to the limelight.

The other thing that Madden speaks out during the interview is that the best ideas come when people work together. “I’ve realized that when I am alone I get many ideas. But the best ideas come up when I am working with other people,” Drew says. Although he does not point out what the best ideas are, something else that Drew speaks during the interview can help in identifying what he means. He goes on to say that, many people lack the patience to listen when others are talking.

According to Mr. Madden, one can get excellent ideas when they listen to others talk. It is during this time that one gets to learn better. Before the end of the interview, Drew admonishes those aspiring to be entrepreneurs in the future to network. He says that by creating friends, one can get to where they never thought.