One of the most common issues in dating comes in the topic of initiation. People often have hang ups when it comes to who should talk first. Traditionally, it is believed that it is the men who should make the first move. There are a lot of reasons behind it. For one thing, women are told that men do not respect women who make the first move. At the same time, there are a lot of men who complain about having to make the first move. They themselves are reluctant because they are afraid of rejection. Fortunately, there is a dating app that addresses this issue.

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Whitney Wolfe herself has thought about this issue of who should text first or initiate. She has decided that it does not matter who texts first. Whitney Wolfe has also decided that it is not only okay, but even recommended that women make the first move. Therefore, she has taken the time to put together a dating app known as Bumble. Bumble is the app that is going to make a lot of positive changes for the men and women in the dating arena. For one thing, Bumble limits the ability of men to initiate with women.

Whitney Wolfe has created a successful app that has gained more than 1 million members and has helped with over 150 million matches. Along with the success is very little complaints about any aspect of the program.  Therefore, this app is going to eventually take over the online dating industry from Tinder and become the new dating app that is worth looking into.

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  1. Whitney Wolfe has made something that is worth looking into for the people who are struggling with dating. Even those that consider their dating lives successful have a lot to enjoy from the dating app. It may not be that easy for review to able to write more about their dating lives effectively.

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