Sheldon Lavin continues to serve as the chairman and chief executive officer for OSI Group, a position he has held for the past four decades. During this time, the visionary businessman has helped OSI hit key operational milestones in line with its goal of rising to the post of global market influencer. Some of the greatest accomplishments recorded by OSI food solutions and pioneered by Sheldon include:

Penetrating the global market

When Sheldon Lavin was joining OSI Industries, previously known as Otto & Sons limited, the meat processor was no more than a localized family company. He, however, saw the potential it held if it were to ever penetrate into the global meat market. Sheldon would even come up with a plan on how to make OSI the most influential meat processor and distributing company globally.

Increasing factory productions

While OSI Group hasn’t made it as the largest food processing and distribution company yet, it is well on tracks a recently featured on the list of top meat processors. Sheldon Lavin has seen the company include more items to its original products list that now includes such types of meat as pork, beef, and chicken as well as even vegetables.

With the increased demand for the company products, Sheldon has also commissioned the development of large processing facilities. These include the plant in Spain with a production capacity of over 12,000 tons of poultry products annually.

Strategic partnerships

OSI Group has for the longest time domesticated its services. By the time Sheldon Lavin was taking over its management, its products were only available in limited parts of the United States. Sheldon has, however, chased after international food chain restaurants and retailers through strategic partnerships. These have in effect translated to more sales by the OSI food products.

Bottom line

Thanks to Sheldon Lavin’s able leadership OSI Group has undergone rapid transformation. It has moved away from the challenges inhibiting its growth and also embarked on a charged campaign that Sheldon hopes will help his band assume the number one spot globally.

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