Vijay Eswaran is a successful entrepreneur who is the founder of the QI Group of Companies. The company focuses on various operations such as real estate, the retail space, hospitality, and even direct selling.

His entity has grown to serve over thirty countries making it a market leader. He has over the years proven his resilience and hard work through his significant milestones. The business mogul is also an author and award-winning philanthropist.

His education background shows his specialty in Economics where he pursued his degree in London. The e-commerce industry has grown tremendously over the years, and Vijay Eswaran attributes this to his success. QI Group of Companies positioned themselves in direct selling earlier than its competitors and has thus acquired a considerable market share over the years.

Vijay Eswaran places a strong belief in remaining inquisitive on the ways to bring change to people while doing business. His leadership style is one of being of service to others by forging partnerships with like-minded entrepreneurs.

This facilitates the exchange of ideas and the creation of long-lasting strategies. The businessman has gained recognition across South Asia and was invited as a panelist in the Chinese Economic forum where he got to share his insights on entrepreneurship.

In this forum, he delved into various perspectives in the digital space which include gaining of institutional trust, cybersecurity and enhancing education through digitalization. The demeanor of Vijay Eswaran depicts passion in business and empowerment to other entrepreneurs.

This is evidenced by how he advocates for governments to intervene in companies through the provision of a favorable business environment. This he would motivate business owners to nurture their entities to yield maximum returns.

It is imperative to note that despite the belief in entrepreneurship, Vijay Eswaran believes in education. QI Group of Companies has begun an education model which seeks to disrupt the way of learning to match the modern principles of doing business.

Vijay Eswaran inspires numerous people across the globe since he built his business from scratch. Furthermore, he continues to develop his vision for his company where he anticipates that there will be further growth and diversification into projects such as hospitals and shopping complexes.