The holidays are a great time to make some extra money. Some of you may not know how to go about finding a job at Neurocore that you view as only a temporary thing. The following tips can help you out. See more information about Neurocore at

1) You should be prepared for an interview at any time, day or night. Neurocore may require you to come in during the evening hours. You need to be flexible. That might conflict with a holiday party you have been invited to. What is more important? The job? The party? Only you know for sure.

You can read more about it at and

These tips are great for a job at Neurocore and they work elsewhere. The point is: Stay open to what the company has to offer.


2) You need to find something you like. I know it is only seasonal work at Neurocore, but you need to enjoy going to work. The holidays are not going to be fun if the job turns you into a Grinch. Find something at Neurocore that could possibly translate into something more permanent.

3) Use the time to network. You need to be social at Neurocore. There might be a holiday party the associates get invited to. You might be invited to if you are the seasonal help. Find a way to make friends with other professional. Drop your name into the hat and see what happens.

There is a way you can network and get your name out there without being too pushy. The idea is to make a great impression. Did you know that some companies ask some of their seasonal help to stay after the holidays? They do that especially when you have made a great impression. You could find yourself going from temporary to permanent within a matter of weeks. Either way, you have made some extra money on the side.

The goal is to keep putting yourself out there. I have known people who got hired for a temporary thing that ended up staying on full-time. Do you want Neurocore to think long-term? You need to think long-term as well. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.