Matt Fleeger is the current President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, the Managing Venture of Joint Ventures oil and gas cooperative. He recently was profiled by the website Fleeger’s business roots began at Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business, where Matt obtained his B.A. He quickly rose in the oil and gas industry world, and ended up working at his father’s company, Gulf Coast Western.

Matt desired broader experience in business and finance however, and left the company in 1993. From there, he founded MedSolutions, a diversified holding company specializing in medical waste disposal, which he helmed for 13 years before selling to SteriCycle. Matt also quickly became a name to know in the tanning industry. He founded and developed both Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan. Together, these enterprises approached $100 million in combined revenue, and remain national mainstays in the United States.

Gulf Coast Western was founded in 1970 and remains a family-owned venture to this day. While based out of Dallas, Texas, the company has operations in other states such as Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Colorado as well. Matt Fleeger recently returned to help guide the company through their new expansions and projects. While the company has traditionally focused on the United States Gulf Coast region, Fleeger has begun pushing the company to expand and explore other regions. He also continues to build winning partnerships, and the company to date has more than a thousand accredited collaborations.

It is his ability to guide partnerships, including the recent Joint Ventures project, that has propelled both Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western to industry prominence. Fleeger is proud of his company’s guiding principles and ethics, which have resulted in not only an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, but also drives partnerships and collaboration based on a foundation of trust. As Fleeger himself notes on his company’s website, “relationships built on mutual trust and respect earned through operating with honesty and integrity” are the key to his success.