Doe Deere is the face and the name behind an award winning cosmetic line that provides trendy, popular colors. Her makeup is a hypoallergenic collection of eye shadows and lipsticks. Her colors have caused her to be name female entrepreneur of the year by Lime Crime Galore magazine. Deere is the proud CEO and founder of Lime Crime cosmetics and was the first manufacturer to create velvetine matte and superfoil based cosmetics. Women crave her makeup because it is 100% organic and easy on the skin. Thousands of young women and guys use Lime Crime to express themselves with a makeup option that leaves them unapologetic about their bold look.

How Lime Crime Was Born?

Deere began to sell novelty tattoos to her friends, but first popularizing them by wearing them herself. Her childhood friends in Russia began to buy them from her and temporary tattoos became her marketing niche. Most of all, Doe was glad to have a product that her friends were interested in and something that made them happy.

Indeed, Doe Deere is living happily ever after, as a successful makeup manufacturer and technology expert. Her products are chosen 10 to 1, over her competitors because of its long lasting wear. Her makeup is proven to hold well under the threat of harsh camera lights for some of the industries most famous celebrities. Amazingly, you can look and feel as good as your favorite television celebrity or musician. You get bright colors that guarantee to accent your style and attitude. Lime Crime also provides great accessory options and shoes from their sister company Dolls Kill.

You can get great inspirational tutorials of Lime Crime on YouTube from actual users. They give you creative ways on how to mix, match, blend, accessorize, remove, and apply their products. You can get the color choices that lets you say goodbye to your dull boring makeup from your regular cosmetic retailer. They dare you to be bold and transform your look. You’re invited to visit Lime Crime’s exclusive website for more details. They give countless women the option to enhance their look. Lime Crime is a trusted name that gives thousands of women the option to be bold and confident about their cosmetics.

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