Paul Herdsman understands what it takes to succeed in the business world. For well over a decade he has worked as a businessman and entrepreneur. He is perhaps most known for being the founder and COO of NICE Global, a world leader in providing business solutions for those in Jamaica. His experience has been mostly in the world of consumer software and online customer acquisition.

Paul Herdsman has built a reputation for putting his employees first. He has a support for his staff that never wavers. He understands that a good team can result in a well run business. Paul Herdsman specifically focuses on giving his employees specialized skills. This allows his employees to continue to grow within the company without focusing on a possible ceiling. Over the last ten years Herdsman has focused on customer retention, customer satisfaction and his business development.

Today Paul Herdsman works as the COO of NICE Global. Since his company began ten years ago they have experienced continuous growth. His views and insights have not only helped build his company but they have inspired other companies and leaders. Another one of his specialties has become customer service. Herdsman and his company have become known for producing top-notch customer service. His commitment to client acquisition and retention is quite evident in his company.

Paul Herdsman’s success is a result of his routine and core values. His daily routine consist of two essential things: seeing his kids off to school and seeing them to bed. Regardless of what’s going on his life he always works to get these things done. Most of his ideas come while in the office. He works hard but makes sure family comes first. It is this commitment that is the foundation for everything going on in his career.

About Paul Herdsman: