There are few stores that will get a women’s attention and the RealReal is one of them. That is mainly because of what the store consists of. People are selling their clothing that they do not want anymore and the fact that what they are selling happens to be fabulous apparel makes you wonder why they are giving them up so easily. Whatever the case, this store has some very interesting and wonderful pieces of clothing that no one is willing to pass up.

The RealReal is a consignment store. If people are wanting to sell their items, they send it or take to this store for the general public to buy. The RealReal sets the price of the item and once it is bought the owner gets the money with the company getting a percentage also. There are some fantastic deals that can not be passed upon this companies site. I have found somethings myself that I have wanted. Everything is priced to sell and most of the time there is only one of that item. So if you are planning to get your hands on something you see, act quickly because somebody else likes it too. You can not change your mind and come back to it because it will be gone.

The RealReal is an awesome place to shop and if you are looking for anything to add to your closet, you want to look here. You will definitely find what you are looking for and it’s vintage clothing in most cases. You will find that you can compliment your wardrobe with pieces from this company that will leave looking very nice and in some cases professional. If you want sexy, they have that too. Get your clothes from the RealReal for your new look.