Serge Belamant, a French-born entrepreneur, completed his basic studies in Johannesburg after his parents shifted to South Africa. Serge has been a competitive student and has worked hard to gain good grades. He was not only a good student but also took part in extracurricular activities. He graduated from his school with remarkable grades and went to the University of Witwatersrand where he studied for two years. he then took a transfer to the University of South Africa where he studied for a year with his majors in Information technology. Unfortunately, Serge Belamant could not complete his bachelor’s and stepped in the practical world as he got a job in Matrix, a civil engineering company.

Serge Belamant has worked in many firms and has made a name. the most important work done by Serge was the introduction of the blockchain. He increased the transparency in the financial transactions and provided security to the customer and company. He is also known for his work of blockchain system in the cryptocurrency. In 2017, Serge Belamant and his son Phillip introduced their own company Zilch Technology Limited.

In an interview, he told me that the idea of the company of Zilch was brought to him by his son, who has done his bachelor’s in computer science. He told the viewers that in this digital world social media attracted him the most. He also said that social media can be very helpful for the younger generation and they are very lucky to be born in this digital age. He said that social media can provide youngsters with innovative ideas. Not only this but the ones who already have some ideas in their heads can work on improving them.

In that interview, Serge Belamant told that whenever an idea comes to his mind, he breaks it up into several parts. This is the first step in developing your innovative idea. Then he sees what is the good and innovative part in that idea. The second step to develop the idea is to see who will be the users of the idea and then work on its development according to its users.

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