For a while now, a significant number of economists have been coming out to warn about a looming financial markets recession. The problem has been that none of these economists has cared to dive deeper into the current financial market situation. Additionally, none of the economists has been looking at the issue objectively.

This was until the U.S. Reserve recently released its gold forecast report that for the first time there was an unbiased and objective look into the current economic situation. This report whose primary purpose is to educate the public on the current state of financial affairs excellently does that.

Federal debt and deficit

The federal debt and deficit is one of the most outstanding matters discussed in this U.S. Money Reserve gold forecast report. The report warns that the massive national debt and deficit could easily fuel economic stagnation. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Additionally, it also points out that this huge debt is also one of the reasons that some economists believe that an economic recession is on the way. This gold report goes ahead to point out that the statistics are very worrying.

According to statistics, in 2008 when the financial recession hit, the national debt was $10 trillion. $22 trillion is the figure where the national debt stands at today, and there is also a $1 trillion deficit.

The gold prices

The gold forecast report from the U.S. Reserve clearly states that it’s very likely that the gold prices will keep rising despite the shaky financial situation currently. The report attributes this trend to the increased demand for gold in the international market.

The report goes ahead to recommend that any weary person should look to hold part of their assets in gold. This is not in preparation for an economic recession but rather a good financial move. The report points out that there are both good and bad economic indicators in the market right now. Therefore, it’s improbable that there will be a market crash anytime soon.

Money Reserve Overview

The U.S. Reserve is the market leader in the distribution of gold and other precious metals that have been issued by the government. The company’s success is mainly as a result of its reputation for providing not only top-not products but also customer education.

The company has since its founding given priority to its customer education program and this has been vital in its success.

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