For more than two decades, Barbara Stokes has been demonstrating her leadership abilities. Stokes is the leader of GSH of Alabama, a group that has worked in the Disaster Relief Construction Industry. Stokes and her group are committed to worthwhile causes and they share knowledge with groups all over the world. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara Stokes has a wealth of knowledge that makes her very qualified for her current position. Stokes spent years studying at Mercer University. During her time there she studied Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Manufacturing and Management, Properties of Materials, and Thermodynamics. This wealth of knowledge would help her expand her career to many areas.


Recently Barbara Stokes and GSH of Alabama made major headlines. The group made a huge donation of building materials to Habitat of Humanity in Madison County. Stokes and GSH understand the importance of housing for families. They donated a variety of materials including drywall and flooring. All of these materials will be used to help build of the Madison County Area.

Barbara Stokes remains committed to using her success to help others. She is poised to continue talking important issues that affect the community. Visit PRNewswire to know more about Barbara.