Mr . Mathew Fleeger is the current Chief Executive Officer and the president of a company by the name Gulf Coast Western. He is a very successful entrepreneur who leads several companies. His hard work and expertise have led him to be listed in the list of world’s leading business professionals. He is not only associated with the gas and oil industry but also other sectors such as a sector that manages medical waste and the tanning industry. The Gulf Coast Western is said to have demonstrated rapid thrive and expansion for the period of time that it has been under the successful leadership of Mathew Fleeger.

Mathew Fleeger is termed as both an entrepreneur and also a good leader. He believes in being open minded, resourceful and the ability to quickly adapt to changes. He is wise enough to make partnerships with other leading companies in the industry as they play the role of a role model.

Mathew Fleeger pursed his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the Methodist University. He realized his passion for entrepreneurship while he was still a student. He started by participating in the family business immediately after he was done with his studies. Before working at the Gulf Coast Western company, Mathew Fleeger perfected his skills especially in leadership at the Kinlaw Oil Company. He also learnt about corporate structuring which has highly contributed to the growth and expansion of Gulf Coast Western.

This multitalented man is also the founder of MedSolutions. This is a company that is best known for medical waste handling and transportation. The company thrived so well under the leadership of Mathew Fleeger until it was later on purchased. He is also the founder of the Palm Beach company which specializes in tanning.

Gulf Coast Western is now located in several states such as Mississippi, Texas and Colorado among others. It has also made a partnership with another gas and oil company. The partnership has led to more development and expansion of the Gulf Coast Western’s operations. Mathew Fleeger finally reveals that he always looks at the positive side of life.