The calendar has turned into a new year, and the economic outlook is being re-evaluated. Paul Mampilly has spent over two decades in the financial capital of the world known as Wall Street. As a man who was raised in India and later moved to the United States, he has an international outlook like few others in the industry. His career has been centered around market analyst and support for curious investors. He recent sat down with Gazette Day for a discussion of the current market trends. He expects many noteworthy changes in the near future.

The market has already began to show several changes as technological advances begin to catch up with businesses. Paul Mampilly expects the amount of available data to much higher than ever. This will be due to the increased number of businesses, the availability of tracking technology, and the younger generation shifting the overall approach to the industry. He also expects to businesses to rise up to the challenge of meeting the demands of these new consumers. We are in a age where consumer and company interactions are more important than ever before. It is possible to launch specific targeted marketing campaigns towards a certain demographic. A business should also not underestimate the value of user reviewers. Consumers like to have a reference point for what they are about to purchase. To know more about him click here.

However when it comes to the daily life of a consumer, the integration of technology is become more noticeable. Voice Assist devices such as Amazon’s Alexa have nearly becoming a household staples. While VR and major technological innovations are becoming increasingly commonplace in the average household. The technological gap between consumer and product is decreasing by the year. Homeowners can also expect the price of their property to level off this year. Paul Mampilly expects the market to finally hit a balance point between buyers and sellers.

Paul Mampilly is currently a retired individual, but also one who maintains a strong voice within the economic industry. His experience is invaluable for companies looking at trends to get ahead of the almost endless business competition.