One of the lasting concerns over students’ academic performance over the last few decades has occurred in the field of mathematics. Numerous solutions have been proposed with varying degrees of success. In the midst of the growing digital age, one of the recent successful proposals in regards to improving mathematical skills is the Teach to One program. Teach to One analyzed the common issues that contribute to lower math performance and offers solutions in addition to focusing on solutions unique to the individual student.

With the overcrowding of public schools across the country, many students do not get the adequate amount of assistance necessary for their development. Teach to One assigns an adviser to every individual student who in turn specifically notes where the student excels at and what aspects need improvement. As another benefit to this individualized attention, the adviser concocts a program suited to the student’s needs and tracks their progress as a means to make adjustments if necessary, reports by

According to wordpress, a constantly proven path to long-term student success in and out of the classroom is a supporting environment that in turn provides them the skills needed to learn teamwork, networking and synergy that will in turn be used in the future work force. Teach to One also offers a constant support team that is easily accessible for any questions, comments or concerns that may arise. With a vast database of thousands of lessons and curriculum, every level of mathematics is covered and if the student exceeds their progress, more challenging coursework is easily provided.

One of the most common factors students attribute their classroom struggles with is the classroom pacing going too fast in addition to other students who are ahead of the curve complaining that the pacing is too slow and therefore are not challenged enough. Teach to One allows the students to go at the tempo best suited for their academic needs and gives the instructors much needed flexibility without having to concern themselves to conforming with the heavily flawed standardized testing system.