Talkspace is a therapy firm based in New York City that was founded in 2012. The company offers access to licensed therapists around the world using any internet enabled device.


The conception of Talkspace is an intriguing one having been conceived through a couple of therapy that proved to be transformative. It began as a group therapy company but has since then transformed to offer online therapies to different clients. In the year 2014, Talkspace saw a revolution change with the introduction of unlimited text messages where you could get access to a therapist by way of texting.


The therapy platform continued to expand, and by February 2015, couple therapy was introduced. In September 2015 “Social Media Dependency Therapy,” was launched. It is a program that addresses mental health difficulties brought about by the use of social media. July 2016 so another technological advancement with the introduction of video calling for therapy sessions.

Talkspace is very convenient where anyone with internet access whether using a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer can get connected to a licensed therapist. After a client provides relevant information, he or she is paired with the right therapist or can choose one that they prefer. Lately, Talkspace serves about 500,000 clients and boasts of 1000 therapists at their disposal.

The Talkspace platform works in such a way that clients use the unlimited texting, and the therapists respond to the messages once or twice a day. Like any other therapy, online therapy involves setting goals that by the end of the session the client should have met. These goals form the basis for evaluating the effectiveness of the process, and the client is expected to provide valuable feedback.

In some cases, clients may face mobility difficulties due to the distance to reach a therapist or things like disabilities. Talkspace has it covered with increased access to many as well as those in the rural areas.

With Talkspace being used globally now, users are finding it more convenient as compared to having to go to an in-office therapy. Video calling as well as text messaging has increased the convenience of therapy tremendously. The company’s popularity is growing fast.