At different stages of life people often face issues that lead to depression and anxiety. If not urgently and professionally handled these issues can lead to hazardous mental problems. However, most people shy off from seeking assistance from therapists due to stigma and also due to the lack of knowledge on how to reach to a professional therapist. For this reason, Talkspace was developed.

Talkspace is an online therapy service that offers professional and affordable confidential therapy services. It is a network of highly skilled and licensed therapists available to provide their services without needing to have made a prior appointment. The mission of the company is to bring help and happiness to millions of people applying modern technology in therapy. Read more reviews at

In a recent campaign to promote therapy activities, Talkspace partnered with an international professional swimmer Michael Phelps who shared his experience. Despite achieving all the dreams he ever wanted and attaining incredible success, Michael Phelps still struggled through depression and anxiety. This was to a point he even questioned whether he wants to live anymore. Unlike most people who struggle with mental problems, Phelps decided to seek a professional therapist’s help, and he met one at Talkspace. Michael credits Talkspace for saving his life. Finding help was a sign of courage that turned things around in his life.

According to research, one out of four people in the world suffer from mental illnesses. It is advisable to seek health as soon as you feel you need it. Michael Phelps is a living proof that therapy works and is helpful. Talkspace is one of those platforms where you can get the help imminently. The platform is highly convenient, confidential, and offers affordable professional therapy to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. The app has a criterion of matching each to a licensed therapist who will help them change their mental state and hence lead to better lives.

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