Isabel dos Santos is one of the most successful businesswomen in Africa. She has for several years been appearing on the Forbes list of African billionaires. The latest news on this influential businesswoman and investor is that she has a disagreement with the Angolan President. In the Mid-May, President Joao Lourenco annulled the state’s contract with Isabel dos Santos’ company Urbimveste because he had discovered that it was overbilling the state. The contract had been entered when the government of Angola rolled out the Marginal da Corimba project and her company was among those contracted to deliver services and see the project through to completion.

Isabel dos Santos was not pleased with the President’s course of action to take her company off the project based on false information. Such allegations also had the potential of destroying the reputation of the business and hers as well. On her social media account, she said that she was entitled to a good reputation and a good name just as everyone else and no one had a right to tarnish her reputation. She said she has several companies and has ensured that they all operate correctly, fairly and in a legal manner.

It is the second time that the actions of the President have been disappointing Isabel dos Santos. A while back President Joao Lourenco executed some measures that had a negative impact n the interests “clan of saints” which is made up of people from her father’s family. Urbimveste also responded to the allegations through a statement where they clarified that the President action was unwarranted and what he had said about the company was false.

It is through sheer hard work that Isabel dos Santos has become an influential person in Angola and also in the world. Currently, she is the head of Unitel, which is the largest telecommunications enterprise in the whole of Angola. She has also invested in numerous other sectors within Angola and abroad. She has implemented projects whose purpose is to promote economic development in her country. He has also been encouraging entrepreneurs in the grassroots as part of her strategy for the economic development of this country.

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