In Angola, Unitel is one of the largest telecommunication firms. The firm has been making bold steps under the leadership of Isabel dos Santos. Currently, Unitel is being integrated into the WEF (World Economic Forum’s). While striving to grow further, Unitel is re-organizing the firm’s board. The shareholders will vote, and some members will continue serving within the corporation, and others will not. The shareholders are convinced that restructuring the company’s leadership is one of the ways in which they can enhance the growth of Unitel. Although not all shareholders were convinced about the voting process, the activity progressed as earlier planned. Most of the shareholders unanimously voted for Isabel dos Santos and four other people. A successful businesswoman would continue serving at Unitel.

The newly appointed board members will assume their roles within a month, and they will be assigned their board positions during that time. Most of the shareholders have showcased that they have a lot of confidence in Isabel dos Santos. Her expertise qualifications include the experience that she has garnered in the construction, finance, and education sectors. Her experience has allowed her to serve in various leadership positions in different firms, and that is why her leadership prowess is termed as invaluable, especially when leading large corporations. The voters kept all these factors in mind during the voting process, and they are confident they made the right decision.

Other factors that came in handy included her international upbringing. Isabel dos Santos has interacted with people from different cultures, and that is one of the reasons why her skill set is diverse. Her problem-solving skills are also good. As an investor in the telecommunications industry, her background in electrical and electronics engineering has helped to enhance the growth of Unitel. The telecommunication entity has also been implementing different forms of technological advancements throughout Angola. The firm has also managed to stay afloat since 1971. At the moment, Isabel can acknowledge that her unique innovation has played a key role in the growth of Unitel and other firms that are in technology-oriented fields. The standards of governance at Unitel are also admirable. The firm also values moral and intellectual integrity.

In February of 2018, friends and business associates who follow Shervin Pishevar on Twitter witnessed some uncharacteristic behavior from him. He went on a tweeting rant that lasted for 21 hours.

Shervin Pishevar had been absent from Twitter for a few months prior to his noticeable return that day. He tweeted 50 times, and he switched from one topic to another throughout most of them. Shervin had recently stepped down from his leadership role at Investment company , a company that he had founded and led for several years. Shervin is an Iranian-American businessman and entrepreneur who has enjoyed a successful career in the field of investments. As a super angel investor, he has seeded over 60 startup companies. One of his most significant interests was in Uber, and he was an early investor in this organization. To date, he continues to play an advisory role for Uber, a ride share and transportation service company with its national headquarters in San Francisco. Shervin Pishevar has been a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley for many years.

Much of the Shervin Pishevar tweet storm was made up of grim predictions and warnings, and his timing for his forecasts would be toward the latter part of 2018. He said he foresees a shift happening in Silicon Valley as it is beginning to lose its competitive edge. He went on to rant about other topics, such as technology, globalization, immigration, the bond market, cryptocurrencies, the stock market, and the country’s economic outlook. Shervin prediction for the Bitcoin was that it would crash, and he expected it to drop by somewhere between $2,000 and $5,000 in value. He anticipated that the Bitcoin would begin to rebound in a 24 month period. Shervin Pishevar had a negative outlook for the stock market in late 2018. He warned investors to expect a drop in the Dow by approximately 6,000 points.

His tweet rant was erratic and at times difficult to decipher. It seems as if most people are still unsure, even more than one year later, exactly what caused his outburst on Twitter.

Paul Mampilly earned an MBA from Fordham University. He would work in the finance world at Bankers Trust as a portfolio manager. Mampilly is responsible for growing the hedge fund to $25 billion, and the hedge fund is named Kinetics Asset Management. His desire to want to spend more time with his family led to him creating a financial newsletter called Profits Unlimited. Paul Mampilly also works as a researcher at financial analyst who instead of making money for the very wealthy have turned his efforts to educate people on how to get the most out of their money. His well-known says about his investment tips many of the people may see him featured on such Financial mediums as CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Fox Business News.

Paul Mampilly works with Banyan Hill Publishing, and his financial newsletters investment tips are been able to create a following of 90,000 people as of 2016. The newsletter is published monthly, and it provides an example of an ideal stock portfolio and provides the recommendation of stocks by Mampilly. Expert Paul Mampilly is also responsible for writing a financial column called Winning Investor Daily. In an interview with Eric Dye from Enterprise Radio, he provided information regarding how he became passionate about helping people invest money wisely, the mistake beginning investors would make, and initial public offerings and entrepreneurs.

Paul Mampilly provides his background in working on Wall Street and working in various roles that made him an authority to provide investment advice to individuals. His creative work on Wall Street allows him to see from a certain perspective that an individual investor who does not have the Wall Street experience and would not recognize what Mampilly would. He spends nearly 12 to 14 hours analyzing stock data, checking companies, and anything that would affect stock prices. Wall Street has changed with the use of computers for trading, algorithms use has increased, and there are fewer trades being done by people. People instead of big investment banks are now using computers to help people conduct trading. Exchange Traded Funds(ETF) are used more than it was used 20 years ago. Click here.


It would be true to say that when Ted Bauman was born in Washington DC, a legend had come to this world. Though being born in Washington, he has spent most of his time in Africa, South Africa to be precise. He went to South Africa for his degree course, whereby he furthered his education and earned himself 2 more postgraduate degree, then spending about 25 years working in different non governmental organizations….. he discusses about how we can keep our personal information safe and secure from the so called hackers who are always always in the run. With time comes change. Data is now more important than before.

Ted Bauman says clearly that currently, data is being used in very sensitive areas like accessing Bank accounts using mobile devices, managing funds online and other essential information. It there comes to be that we need to store that data safely from unauthorized access. Unauthorized access is coming, largely from hackers, where people want to access the other people’s information illicitly, which would result to massive amounts being lost by banks and their customers. To know how to keep our data safe, we need to know some of the tools that would be of help, but before that, some 2 terms are key to understand. These are file encryption and creation of strong passwords. Explicitly, file encryption starts with converting the data into a digital format by, for example, scanning a hard copy document, typing in the information into a computer, turning audio files into a digital format.

Then the now digital data needs to backed up in another device. This, according to Ted Bauman it helps in case it is lost from one system, so that in can be retrieved from the other. For data in a digital format, the process of enclosing the data in a secured location, for access with only specific keys, is what entails data encryption. Ted says that this prevents access from unauthorized people, even when they get access to the device storing them, thus the data deems completely unimportant to them. You can do this by creating a password for the data, but a passphrase creeps in to be a better solution. Reason being a password would be easily guessed by a supercomputer, but it takes considerably longer to get a passphrase. About Ted Bauman has by now helped us know how data security is enhanced.

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2017 marked a decade since the Fortress Investment Group broke the mold of the financial markets by becoming the first hedge fund to be listed on the stock exchange. The end of this successful decade was highlighted by the decision to delist the hedge fund and sell the stock to the Japanese SoftBank corporation. The year following the sale of the Fortress Investment Group has been described by expert Wes Edens as the best in the history of the company because of the backing of the Japanese banking giant.

The purchase of the Fortress Investment Group has not been completed without a definite plan in mind which has been masterminded by the executives at SoftBank. According to various sources, there is no plan to bring the Fortress hedge fund into the SoftBank fold in any formal way but a partnership is being formed with the SoftBank Vision Fund. The overall aim of SoftBank is to build a partnership between its two hedge fund entities capable of rivaling the major players in the investment industry. By building a larger hedge fund empire, SoftBank believes building the Fortress Investment group brand will give it a stronger foothold in the U.S.

COmbining the work of the Vision Fund and that of Fortress has seen a combination of the interests of the two groups. Fortress is leading a move into high-end real estate assets with the impressive TSX Broadway building which incorporates tech startups and the development of the communications revolution. Underlining the power and cost of the TSX Broadway development is the fact it has a projected cost of over $2.5 billion as the construction includes a range of different technology options. Even though the Fortress Investment Group has backed the construction prior to ground being broken, a range of technology giants is already looking to move into the building. Among those who are rumored to have discussed moving into the TSX broadway site with Fortress are Amazon, Samsung, Facebook, and YouTube.

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Matt Badiali is a noted natural resources expert and has worked with some of the top mining companies in his successful career. He has spent years in the natural resources sector studying the investment pattern. He has traveled around the world to visit mines and held interviews with top CEOs of the mining industries. He believes that since he has experienced how the industry works and can help people with investing in the natural resource industry. Matt Badiali is currently the Editor at Real Wealth Strategist published by the Banyan Hill Publishing and provides helpful tips to people looking to invest in different industries.

His investing specialty is natural resources, and people seek his help because of the first-hand experience he has of the industry. While most other experts just study the trends to offer tips, Matt Badiali performs his own research. Recently, he has been quite hopeful of a metal Zinc as he feels that it is one of the top investments that people can make at the moment. Even though gold, silver, and aluminum are more popular, it is Zinc stock that is going to rise. The demand for Zinc has been on the rise in many different industries such as automobiles, airplanes, batteries, cosmetics, computers, smartphones and more.

Zinc has some really desirable properties such as it is recyclable, inflammable and it also doesn’t rust. Zinc is a metal whose demand has been increasing considerably, but the supply is limited. Experts feel that there is going to a shortage of Zinc in the coming years that will further push the price of Zinc stock. Matt Badiali says that if people want to make a profitable investment, they should choose Zinc over other metals. Matt Badiali completed his graduation from the Penn State University and then earned a Masters degree from the Florida Atlantic University. He has thousands of followers who rely on him for information on his investment advice that they can trust.

After starting his real estate career, José Auriemo Neto knew he had to do a lot of work to make sure he could help people understand the work he did. He spent time in both the commercial and residential sectors and knew just what to do to make the real estate properties better. As a real estate developer, he spends a lot of time trying to help people understand how the properties will keep getting better and what people can do to make a difference when they’re dealing with property options. It’s also important for Brazilian entrepreneur Jose Auriemo Neto to make sure he can help people understand what he does with the properties.

By focusing on the commercial real estate sector, José Auriemo Neto had a chance to make a name for himself. He knew what people wanted to see when they were dealing with commercial real estate developments and how it was going to impact the way he did business. He also knew things would keep getting better and that’s something that pushed him to make all the right choices for the future. Between his hard work in the real estate industry and the things he does with other people, José Auriemo Neto knows there are options he’s able to use to help people. It’s also a way for him to focus on changes to the way the industry works in Brazil.

After seeing a lot of success in commercial real estate, José Auriemo Neto knew he could work on residential real estate. It gave him a chance to try different things and made him want to help even more people with the options he could use. He also felt good about giving people what they were looking for even though there were other developers in the area. Thanks to his working dedication and the way he did business, José Auriemo Neto was successful as a residential developer just as he was when he was a commercial developer. Doing these things helped enhance his working career and propel him forward so he could help even more people out in his area of Brazil in the future.

What Is A Trump Check

A Trump Check really has nothing to do with President Trump. The Check was named such by Mike Burnick. To earn the check, you have to pay 99 dollars a year to join Mike Burnicks newsletter. Burnick claims that you get money when foreign investors put money back into the United States. To earn any money what you actually have to do is invest in companies that Burnick recommends.

What are Freedom Checks?

Freedom Checks, created by geologist Matt Badiali, is a different type of investment. The companies that these checks invest money in are called Master Limited Partnerships. The MLP’s are companies that produce, processes, storage, and transportation of oil and gas in America. The companies work like any other stock investment. To qualify as an MLP, the company has to pay 90 percent of their income to their investors. There are around 568 companies that qualify as an MLP. To purchase an MLP, you purchase it like you would for any stock. Money received from MLPs is considered a return of capital. Because of this, there is no income tax charged on earnings.

Which One Is Better?

Both checks are investments and require thought before purchasing. They both require an upfront financial investment. With any investment, there is a certain risk involved. Freedom Checks there is more flexibility about just who, and how much you invest. With the trump checks, you first have to pay 99 dollars to receive a newsletter showing what to invest. For some, the upfront cost is a turn-off, but for others, it might make them feel better having a guide through the investing processes. Freedom Checks counts on the American oil and gas boom to gain back on its investment. The trump check seems to depend on Burnick’s experience. There are pros and cons to each one, and it depends on what you feel more confident investing in.