Sunday Riley is a Texan entrepreneur who produces and formulates her own brands of beauty products which she has named using her name. Her products are made using the highest standard of care to ensure that every woman`s need is taken care of. For sure Sunday Riley brands are the best product as they are the top trending in almost every social media. You probably may be aware of the goodness of the Sunday Riley products but how much do you know about the brand formulator?

If you want to know many interesting things about Sunday Riley, the one who has instilled endless smile in ladies face, keep reading as The Cut has all you need to know. In our story, you will learn why Sunday Riley considers Good Genes skyrocketed to cult status in recent years, the kind of care she takes to her skin and how she formulates and develops the brand`s (new foundation).

According to Sunday Riley, the motive to why she decided to create her products was to fill a gap which was existing. She wanted to provide products which help to fight aging through inclusive of active botanicals ingredients while preparing.

The reason Sunday Riley has been able to remain relevant in the market is that one she learns from the experience and takes customers consideration as a key drive. Secondly, when the product receives a negative perception in the market, she pulls such products down and tries to recollect to the level of customers satisfaction.

Sunday Riley maintains her skin by following a simple routine. In a day she ensures she washes her face twice, that is the morning and evening before she sets off to sleep. In a week she uses Good Genes thrice to remove the dead skin. Every morning after washing her face, she does C.E.O. vitamin C serum then followed with Tidal. After a few minutes, she then applies sunscreen on, and then foundation. At night she washes her face then do Luna followed by C.E.O. serum. If she feels her skin is a bit dry and needs to be moisturized, she will do either Tidal or C.E.O. cream. To keep the skin pores clear, she does U.F.O once in a week.