Stratford Shields is a Managing Director at Loop Capital Markets, which is a company based in Chicago. But before holding this title, Stratford Shields worked for the government. He was the President of the State Controlling Board and Deputy Director in the sate of Ohio.

Stratford has his daily routine set so he has everything in order for the day. He starts his day out early in his office before everyone gets to work. This gives him the time he needs to think and planning for his major clients. He tries to find financing strategies his clients can benefit from.

He also finds success in reading as much as possible. Reading allows him to be more creative, which helps him keep up with his clients. He spends a large portion of his time reading through articles and online web services. This helps him remain productive.

Stratford holds good advice for those looking into expanding their business. From his own experience, he learned that you must know your clients well. It’s important to get a good understanding of the reasons they’re seeking to do business with you. You should always make sure to do business with the ones who value what you do.

Another thing that Stratford learned through his own experience is to stay away from negativity. He learned that an important part of success is thinking outside the box, and to find the very best way to do something rather than finding the easiest. There are always several methods in doing something, but it’s important to find the best way. He also makes it clear that everyone experiences failure. Failure is a part of learning and growing, but when we fail we must always get back up. Stratford has learned these techniques through years of failure, success, and his past experiences.