Steve Lesnard’s Two Key Points in a Marketing Campaign

Today’s social media is that, media. It’s plenty of light, sound and information, all at once. And it’s immediate. Which also means a LOT at once. Such are the internet and the question of how to be heard above the noise.

What is the media part of it good for? An experience, when used properly. Otherwise it adds to the sound and flurry of online information. Your message can get lost among the other various items. Digital and social media can work for or against you.

How do you get it to work for you?

Steve Lesnard, a marketing and consumer expert at Global Brand Marketing, identifies two key marketing principles.

1.Something to Talk About

What’s the real benefit in your product? What’s innovative or a new feature or application, a new tool in the set that no one has? Knowing these key elements helps to simplify and work out your product’s theme.

As an example, Steve Lesnard points to Apple’s marketing of its watch, basing it largely on the topic of safety. The wearer is more reachable in emergencies, while fitness monitoring systems help maintain health.

2.Bring That Story to Life

Once you have your signal clear, that helps you stand out from the internet noise. You can use the media aspects of social media to create an experience or context around your product and elaborate on the situations or possibilities it creates.

As an example, an outdoors company can use social and digital media, such as images and video, to demonstrate its product’s attributes at work in the activities of representatives who live an outdoor lifestyle, bringing that product to life.

The two questions to keep in mind, says Steve Lesnard, when setting up a marketing campaign, are the benefits that make the product unique and memorable and the creative use of social and digital media to bring that product’s story to life.

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