In this age that is dominated by digital and social mediums, a company must change how they sell their products. In a recent article on Medium, Steve Lesnard has determined that two principles will help companies sell in this new digital/social media age.

Steve Lesnard’s first principle is that a company should keep it simple and memorable. When a company introduces their produce, they must clearly state the benefits of getting this product. The company must focus to explain benefits as simply and as memorable as possible. He thinks that a company should pick a land and stay in that lane.

To Steve Lesnard, an example of an advertising campaign that really worked in this Age of Digital is Apple’s campaign called 10K Songs in your Pocket. Apple clearly focused on the iPod’s main benefit of being able to listen to music on the go.

The second principle that Steve Lesnard has for selling a product in the Digital Age is that you must make the storyline about your product as clear as possible. What is ait like when you physically use the product? What does your product do? How would use your product in the real world? If you present the product as energetic and as dynamic as possible, your advertising campaign ahouls make people excited about your product.

Steve Lesnard prefers using videos to show a product in the right context. Video is the best way to get comments from the customer and to show the best features of the product. Videos will convey the storyline for your product in the best possible way.

Who is Steve Lesnard? Lesnard is a person who has an MBA and a Master of Business and Entrepreneurship from Babson College.

Steve Lesnard says that he is a global brand consultant. He consults with companies about doing their international brand campaigns, launching a product and building strategic partnerships in the sports industry. His main focus does seem to be the sports industry, but his principles should work in any industry.

Lesnard should be listened to about how to sell something in the Age of Digital as he has the experience and wisdom to know what he is talking about.