Sergey Petrossov realizes that it can be easy for one to have the ability to delude themselves into thinking that they are progressing when they are not. This aspect of deluding oneself can be important for survival as it can provide hope when conducting a project that like JetSmarter that is present within a complex and tough industry. But people like Sergey Petrossov know that while it is easy to simply repeat the same things over and over again, it is hard to break free of the patterns and to create something new. This is something that he found out while working on JetSmarter. One can act as if they are entitled and not work for things, not discover the different nuances of making things happen, or they can continue to push forward and try to make a difference in the lives of their consumers.

Sergey moves through life by keeping a couple of principles in mind. One such principle is to understand that you are responsible for picking an initiative and sticking to it. This seems that you will see it through to the finish line. Seeing something through all the way to the finish line is difficult but it is something that will add significant value to your life. Furthermore, this specific principle has helped people like Sergey Petrossov by showing that one can certainly progress in life, all they have to do is to simply start so that they can witness value, learn, and keep building. Individuals have to learn to discuss actively, this means that individuals will have to talk about what they are going to do and then work on it.

Another principle is to know that no one is perfect. Sergey knows that there will be a learning curve to many different endeavors but with this learning curve, individuals will have to push forward and strive to get better each day. The more focused and interested they are in their subject, the more they learn and understand how to make improvements and add value.