Sergey PetrossovA young, energetic entrepreneur, Sergey Petrossov has immensely succeeded with the creating of the company JetSmarter. He launched his company in 2013, and it has taken off ever since.

Sergey Petrossov moved to the United States when he was four years old. He has lived in several different states but is now settled in Florida. As a young man, he attended the University of Florida and studied finance. Mathematics and analytics were the areas that really drew his interest. He got an early start in technology. By 2013, he founded the company JetSmarter. Now he is the CEO and founder of a widely-successful company that has expanded globally. By 2016 he was on the list of Forbes’ 30 under 30. He is also one of South Florida’s Top Working Professionals. Needless to say, Sergey Petrossov is a great example of entrepreneurship and the American Dream.

Sergey PetrossovSo what does this successful business JetSmarter provide? JetSmarter is a membership-based company that connects passengers that wish to charter private jets with those who provide flights. Using an app, users are able to charter flights whether it be an entire jet, or sharing a jet with other passengers. They also have sales and specials for something called “empty leg” flights. These are flights in which a jet may have flown passengers one way, for example, and now need to return to their previous destination or the jet is simply needed elsewhere in a different city. Customers can sometimes charter these “empty leg” flights at reduced rates. JetSmarter now provides services in the United States, the Middle East, and Europe. They are also quickly expanding into new areas. The company JetSmarter is now estimated to be worth over 1 billion dollars, has over 260 employees and has served over 45,000 passengers.

In short, Sergey has shown incredible ingenuity and dedication in creating a successful company and a great service that has assisted customers around the world.

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