From outside help to inside jobs, inmates continue to find interesting methods to get illegal contrabands in prison. To them, cell phones are a primary livelihood to accomplish daily illegal tasks. Securus Technologies hear about these strategies and counter inmates’ attack with a defense mechanism. The latest strategy is using drones to airlift contraband cell phones, drugs, and weapons into the prison. If drones get in inmates’ hands, inmates, correction officers, and staff could be seriously hurt or exploited. Therefore, Securus is countering the strategy with drone detection technology. Similar to Securus’ Wireless Containment Solutions, drone technology uses a digital antennae infrastructure to detect drones flying inside and outside prison walls. It’s similar to a watchdog guarding a building. The device patrols the prison for drone movement hovering over the fence, near the fence, or around the facility.


Drone detection technology wouldn’t be possible without our customers. The innovative method came from test runs and trials over an 18-month period. While Securus is ready to add the feature to our list of products, the technology will continue to strengthen. Securus personnel, technology partners, and loyal customers will tweak the technology by enhancing positive solutions with the system while diminishing weaknesses. Additionally, drone experts fine-tune drone detection systems to be accurate. The result is a responsive and effective piece of technology complementing Securus’ other criminal and civil justice products seamlessly.


Customers are equally responsible for making Securus an award-winning company for customer service. On February 23 in Las Vegas’ Caesars Palace, the 2018 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service, one of seven Stevie Award ceremonies, occurred. Securus’ customer service team won its third Gold for Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year. Securus couldn’t accept this prestigious award without the support of civil justice and criminal justice personnel trusting our products to keep inmates separate from the outside world. Special thanks go out to law enforcement, investigators, and public safety professionals who use us to fight crime every day. Furthermore, the team won a Bronze for Front-Line Customer Service Team while the Silver for Customer Service Professional of the Year belonged to our own Zelperita Jackson.


In closing, drone detection technology expands our slate of products keeping people inside prison walls and society outside safe. A dozen attempts at illegal drone use occurred within five years, and while that isn’t much, Securus plans to stop this trend before it starts. Thanks to trial-and-error testing and amazing customer service professionals, the drone detection solution will be a success.