In NYSE, the best performing company in REIT section is New Residential Investment Corp. The performance of this stock according to pundits is as a result of different factors in the company’ operations, management and more importantly, the company’s adaptation to changes. According to their annual 2018 report, the company challenged many realities in real estate business and therefore being one of the best companies in 2018 in the investment world.

On operations, New Residential Investment Corp is a productivity hub. The company has in the last 12 months worked hard to put their clients in profits paths. Although the company was a hub for many activities, the operations department pointed out that all the plans went as planned. This approach to productivity according to pundits makes the company a reference entity in productivity discourse.

The success story in the productivity of this company is however incomplete without acknowledging the management of this firm. Unlike other entities, New Residential Investment Corp is fortunate to have some of the best professionals in this industry. Michael Nierenberg, for example, is an expert in planning and productivity in this niche. As the face of this company, he has successfully led company to a new dispensation of better returns and productivity.

Finally, New Residential Investment Corp has the best operational structures. Apart from being the reference point for unmatched management of properties, they have an unmatched approach in investments. These contributions have helped the company to contribute to the fast-growing USA property market that, in 2018, was estimated to be more than $20 trillion.

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