Vinod Gupta is a man who has no equal. An entrepreneur who has made 100s of millions of dollars through different technological companies. But that’s not why Vinod Gupta is so prosperous.

His prosperity comes through his many philanthropy efforts that can not be matched by many. The work that he is doing in India is changing 1000s of kids lives. He is giving opportunity to many because he knows he was blessed with great opportunity. And when you give the right people opportunity they can turn into something special like Vinod.

As of today he has donated over $50 million to different charities but its not just the money he is giving. He laying a foundation for others to follow so that more people can make a difference.

These kind efforts have provided hope, opportunity, and excitement to those that had none. And this can be seen in the villages who are improving quickly through his efforts.

The direct impact of Gupta’s efforts will be seen and heard for years to come. Whatever comes out of India you can be sure that Gupta probably had a big impact on it.

Vinod Gupta Bio

Born in India and living in a village without electricity, running water, and toilets through out most of his young life the odds were stacked against Vinod. But he received his high school education in 1962 and later was able to come to the University of Nebraska where he would get a couple of different college degrees.

About Vinod Gupta: