The recent acquisition of the Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank Group Corporation has indeed widened the investment scope of the group. The Fortress Investment Group has already set its footprint on the globe. Before the acquisition, the company was managing about $40 billion in assets all over the world. The strategy of acquisition is seen to bear fruits as both Softbank, and the Fortress Group work together on new projects.

The effects of the acquisition can already be seen. The decisions Softbank is making in regards to the tech startups they are looking to support hint of the experiences and interests in the real estate of Fortress. Such investments into the real estate sector by SoftBank include Compass and open door a real estate broker, Wework, a co-working space and Katerra, a construction company.

The Fortress Investment Group is also performing well with the help of SoftBank. One of the high profile projects the two entities are working together at is the $2.5 Billion TSX Broadway development. This project symbolizes the perfect union of the two groups. With SoftBank’s interest in tech and Fortress’s passion in real estate, the project is expected to be unlike anything ever seen. The most prominent strategy in the project is creating an out of this world retail space that people will view as a destination. Interactive experiences will as well be offered. Moguls in the tech industry have shown interest in joining the project.

While still under SoftBank, Fortress Investment Group were able to acquire Tiffany and Co. Building in Southern Florida. The investment group bout it at $20 million. With over 11,000 square feet the building is a historical gem along one of the most famous shopping streets.

Still, in Florida, the fortress Group used one of its affiliates, CF Grocery Distribution PropCO to get the SUPERVALU distribution center for $66.4 million. The area is 769,000 square foot at the Pompano Beach. It is another significant addition to the group’s portfolio in Southern Florida.

Even with the initial success experienced by the Fortress Investment Group, the acquisition by SoftBank has opened more doors for the investment group. Newsonomics: Softbank, Fortress, Trump – and the real story of Gatehouse’s boundless ambition

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