The news surrounding Daniel Michalow’s departure from DE Shaw is again getting a lot of attention. This time it’s due to the actions of the hedge fund rather than the trader. While no formal announcement or press release has been made there is a lot of talk on the street about recent requests of the firm to their trading staff.

David Shaw’s hedge fund, DE Shaw, is now requiring its employees to sign binding non-compete agreements before September 16th. It appears that if the agreements aren’t signed the employee will need to leave the firm immediately. However, the employee will be able to take any deferred compensation with them if and when they leave. Many people believe that DE Shaw is put this measure into place to deal with the Daniel Michalow fallout.

As most in the financial industry know, Michalow was forced to leave DE Shaw in March of 2018. Spokespeople at DE Shaw state that the fact that the non-competes must be signed before Michalow’s “Interference Period” concludes is simply a coincidence. This timing does appear to many industry watchers to indicate that DE Shaw is concerned about Michalow poaching employees from the hedge fund and encouraging them to jump ship. It is not clear at this time if Michalow is forming his own hedge fund.

The entire situation, from the non-competes to the timing, has a lot of current DE Shaw employees wondering exactly what is happening behind the scenes. Several Managing Directors in leadership positions are beginning to feel a bit concerned about future compensation at the firm when speaking off the record.

All of this has many in the financial industry eyeing the firm from a different perspective as they wait to see what may be coming in the near future. It will be interesting to see what transpires in the months ahead.

Sharon Prince is the Founder and serves as President of Grace Farms Foundation (Grace Farms) in New Canaan, Connecticut. The Foundation was created in 2009 with private operating funds. The vision for Grace Farms is to have a public space shared by not-for-profit organizations and individuals to engage with nature in a spirit of community, faith and justice. Ms Prince holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from the University of Tulsa in Tulsa, Oklahoma as well as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the same university. She received the Lives of Commitment Award in 2017 from Auburn Seminary and was privileged to be a Jury Member for the American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Honor Awards in 2018.

Recently the work Sharon Prince Grace Farms and the Foundation have been doing at Grace Farms was outlined in the online publication Architectural Record (see: “Grace Farms Foundation Aims to Combat Modern-Day Slavery in Building Materials Supply Chain,” by: Miriam Sitz, September 4, 2019 introduces-initiative-to-combat modern-day-slavery-in-building-material-supply-chain ). Following are a few highlights from this piece.

The Foundation has brought together a number of leading professionals in design, architecture and engineering to create a bold, altruistic venture aimed at combating modern day slavery in the construction industry. In the article, Ms Prince notes that slave labor is used in the global supply chains that are utilized in this field to yield greater returns on investment. Her goal, and that of the Foundation, is to start a movement, through multiple channels, leading to more ethical building supply chains in the design and construction arena. She likens this effort to that of architects and builders to create more environmentally friendly plans, processes and finished results. A developed list of “slave-free” project guidelines aims to help engineers and construction professionals avoid materials coming from forced labor.

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Is there anything sadder, or more frustrating, than seeing a seed of an idea you came up with for a product or service bloom into a successful and profitable reality for someone else who also came up with it? But, unlike you, they had the financial backing to grow it. And therein lies the answer — funding. The problem is money doesn’t find you. You have to go out and find it. 


You could say that Paul Saunders knows a bit about funding, having traversed a successful career in finance that led to his current success as founder, chairman, and CEO of Virginia-based James River Capital, an investment advisor firm that focuses on a variety of asset classes including fixed income arbitrage, global macroeconomics strategies, managed futures trading, and asset-backed securities,  corporate credit, and more. So, if you’re ready to secure the money you need to move your idea off the drawing board, or out of the lab, and out into the real world, here’s a treasure trove of options he’s seen work for other entrepreneurs. 

Tried and True Sources of Funding

While not every one of the following tips may work for you, there’s sure to be one suited to your situation and goal.  Mr. Saunders wouldn’t have included any had he not seen them work for some enterprising entrepreneur like you.


Like charity, bootstrapping begins at home. It involves using your own sources, be they savings accounts, credit cards, or funds borrowed from family or friends. And as a bonus, you may attract investors who, seeing that you have used your own money, take it as a sign that you will do everything you can to protect yo ur vested interest as well as theirs.


The opposite of bootstrapping, crowdfunding depends on contributions from strangers who have one thing in common — they see promise in your project. As proof of the effectiveness of crowdfunding, several online platforms, such as Kickstarter, have achieved their own financial success in bringing together entrepreneurs and small investors. But before it will work for you, you need to have a marketing plan in place so you can make believers out of those who are willing to contribute with no expectation of being paid back, other than perhaps a token of appreciation.

Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists

Both of these types of investors are on the lookout for companies with promise. The difference is whereas angel investors are interested in your ideas and may be willing to help out with direct loans or connect you with  potential investors in their networks,  venture capitalists have their investors interest at heart and so are looking for companies that can give them a  high rate of return, as much as 3 to 10 times their investment in as little as 5 to 7 years.


If your credit is good, you can apply for a bank loan, a line of credit, or if you’re willing to pay a bit more in interest, or submit to more scrutiny, an SBA loan. And don’t overlook your chamber of commerce who may be able to advise you on how to secure a local loan.

Trading Equity

If you’re averse to incurring debt, you can issue stock in your company in return for investor funding. The good news is that you need not pay it back. The bad news is you’re ceding some of your ownership and with it, sole control.

Look Before You Leap

The key to creating a successful and prosperous business is to first decide on what you want your business to look like before you decide on the best funding option for your situation. It’s how Paul Saunders has been able to build a flourishing empire that has prospered for more than twenty years.

Gino Pozzo, a Hands-On Football Club Owner

Gino Pozzo earned his outstanding reputation in the European sports scene by taking lackluster lower-division football clubs like England’s Watford Football Club and guiding them into top leagues in their home countries.

Born to passionate football enthusiasts in Italy, Gino Pozzo moved to the USA at age 18 and earned a Master’s degree at Harvard University. When he married a Catalan, he relocated to Spain for 20 years before moving to London in 2013, along with his wife and three children, become he wanted to be directly involved in the operations of his family’s newly-acquired-in-2012 Watford Football Club.

Watford had been struggling to climb out of the Fourth Division when it was purchased, and by 2015 all three of the Pozzo football clubs in England, Italy, and Spain were competing in top competitions. That found the Pozzo’s featured in the Wall Street Journal as the “European Soccer’s Ascendant Family.”


The Watford Club has gone through eight different head coaches and managers since the family acquired ownership of the Hornets, but the team continues to be in the Premier League, which is the highest competition level in the United Kingdom. They have never changed a coach during a season and have completed each campaign with the same coach. The club has maintained its standing in the Premier League since 2015.

Football is a multi-million-dollar industry, and Pozzo’s hands-on approach is not just administrative. He is involved in the daily operations, is at the training ground almost every day, recruits’ signings, and even improves the stadium for the benefit of the loyal fans.

Pozzo also gets text messages regarding daily feedback, opinions, and comments from music legend Sir Elton John, who owned the Hornets back in their glory days in the 1980s, but Pozzo runs the show.

Russell Gimelstob operates as the Managing Director for Dune Real Estate Partners. He’s the firm’s Partner and Acquisitions Head. He even functions as a member of its hard-working investment crew right now. Russell Gimelstob started out as an associate with the business in the United States. He’s moved high up the ladder within the company as well. His results have helped him prove himself. The same thing goes for his tenacity and drive. Those positive traits are the reason that he’s currently the Acquisitions Head. They’re the reason he currently has Partner status.

Russell Gimelstob has been a part of Dune Real Estate Partner’s company quest for approaching 15 full years at this point. He’s taken on so many tough and bewildering real estate deals. He grasps equity matters well. He grasps debt matters just as well, too. This man has managed investments of all varieties. He knows about retail spots all around America. He also knows about hospitality centers, data centers and condominium communities all around the country.

This man long ago was an employee with a famous company that’s called Goldman Sachs. He used to be an analyst for the firm. He did a lot that involved lending and commercial real estate topics. Gimelstob has a lot of information to share that involves commodities, currencies, and, last but certainly not least, incomes that are fixed.

Philanthropy is just one of the things that makes Gimelstob feel so enthusiastic about rising in the morning. He has a lot of respect for a group out there called The Valerie Fund. The Valerie Fund does so many things for young kids who have severe medical conditions. It aids those who have cancer. It aids those who have conditions that involve the blood as well. Gimelstob longs to aid all kinds of human beings.


In Austin, Texas, there are a few plastic surgeons like Jennifer Walden. According to her reviews on Google, she is one of the best in town. From amazing service to Botox to high-quality breast augmentation, patients rate her work with five stars. One patient had a complicated breast augmentation surgery, which included a fat transfer. After the procedure, the patient stated that her breasts looked absolutely perfect. She had previously had a botched procedure, and Dr. Walden was able to correct every issue, leaving the patient with exactly what she wanted.

In addition to cosmetic plastic surgery, Walden’s practice also features other services. Many patients commented on the ease and perfect experience with Botox procedures at Dr. Walden’s office as well. Performed by Nurse Isis, these Botox injections received five-star ratings as well. Patients stated that Isis was incredibly meticulous with comfortable and soft hands. Other patients stated that their collagen fillers were absolutely amazing and created a perfectly natural plump finish.

What about after the surgery? Another patient left a review six months after the procedure, stating that Dr. Walden was an artist, who was able to get the perfect proportions. This Yelp reviewer also commented that the service appointments leading up to the surgery went extremely smooth, and the aftercare was also exactly what the patient was looking for. After all this time, she still thanks Dr. Jennifer Walden for creating the perfect body.

For those who question if the plastic surgery is worth the drive, another reviewer stated that Dr. Walden and her staff answered every single question before the procedure. With a number of different offerings including facials and other non-invasive procedures, patients do not need to spend too much time to get the perfect skin, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, filler, Botox, or other procedure.

Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews come with the highest ratings from her patients because she is an exceptional doctor, but she also takes the time to talk to all of her patients. She has created a practice around being professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and precise.

With Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews from Google to Yelp, there is no doubt that Dr. Walden will continue to rise to stardom for plastic surgery in Texas. Her patients love the work and appreciate her ability to explain all aspects of the procedure with such a personal touch.

There has been a lot of talk about diversity and the need for businesses to embrace it, but is this currently being done? Even more so, several business and activist leaders feel it’s even more important to state the benefits of having a diverse workforce including QI Group Executive Chairman Vijay Eswaran. Eswaran stated to a World Economic Forum research panel that businesses who have more diversity also foster more innovation, creativity, and have environments where empathy tends to prevail a lot more. And many business owners who have embraced diversity in the workplace have noticed that morale and overall cultural appreciation tends to be higher. Eswaran does believe that progress is starting to be made in certain cultures for fostering women and minority opinions and opportunities in entrepreneurship, but there’s still a lot of work to do.

Vijay Eswaran is Malaysian by birth, but Indian by ancestry. He developed a strong work ethic and strong spiritual beliefs from learning from his father and uncle. Eswaran studied and worked abroad for several years in the UK, France and eventually the US. He decided to return to the Asia Pacific region to try and help cultivate a business community there, and it was an interest he found in multilevel marketing business models that he decided to use. QI Group Ltd. was officially started in 1998 beginning with a few products that were sold through QNet, its chief flagship company. Over time, Eswaran overcame debt and cash flow shortages to fund QI Group, and today it has several other subsidiaries managing luxury brands, credit access services, and even vacation resort real estate. Another key project Vijay Eswaran has been overseeing is QI City, a development of green energy buildings and transportation services that’s a part of QI University-Perak in Malaysia.

Vijay Eswaran often writes about how you can improve your lifestyle, find more fulfillment in life and learn how to sacrifice for the benefit of others in his books. One of his first bestselling books was “In The Sphere Of Silence” which included sayings from famous civil rights leaders. Eswaran makes philanthropy a priority at QI Group and has even dedicated his own salary to many important causes through the RYTHM Foundation wing of the company. His family foundation known as the Vijayratnam Foundation has helped many disadvantaged special needs children over the years, and even helped communities affected by two major tsunamis over the years. Find out more about Vijay Eswaran:

Privinvest is a private manufacturer of military and private ships, and they have produced over 700 ships that are part of 38 navies throughout the world. The primary shipyard of the company is located in Cherbourg, France. Some of the highest quality and recognizable ships are made by this organization. They have facilities in Germany, France and other geographic regions that produce navy war vessels, patrol ships and private luxury superyachts.

Privinvest has six modern shipyards and 2,500 employees. The company has produced over 1,600 ships in total. The military ships are up to 95 meters in length, and they are fitted with a wide array of modern combat armaments and technology. The company also offers other services along with the delivery of their vessels such as training, refitting of combat systems, repair and overhaul of large ships.

Privinvest also produces renewable energy systems that are based on hydrokinetic turbine technology. Privinvest has garnered an industry-leading reputation for building top-quality ships. They have been creating vessels for over 68 years. The part of Privinvest that specifically builds ships is CMN.

CMN is known for their Combattante navy ship that is armed with missiles and is capable of high speed. These ships are one of their top-sellers to navies across several continents including Europe, Africa and other regions. Their patrol ships are also commonly seen, and the Vigilante ships are a popular model in this category.

Their latest military combat ship innovation is the Baynunah corvette class warship. It is a complex front-line military ship. CMN remains a leader in the field through constant innovation and optimization of production processes. Their reputation is built on their dedication to adapting their services to suit the needs of their customers.


Italian businessman and accountancy expert Raffaele Riva is known for showing excellence in various fields throughout his career. Apart from being a serial entrepreneur, Riva is also known for being an authority in the sectors of wealth management, trust investments, and real estate.

As an economics graduate from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Riva has harbored a certain expertise in the sector for a while now. But the businessman’s academic qualifications do not stop at that graduate degree. In order to become a certified Public Accountant in Italy, he also went on to obtain a Dottore Commercialista degree, and then followed it with not one but two post-graduate programs.

With the post-graduate programs that came in the form of SSQUEA and SUPSI from the Canton Ticino Management Business School and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland, respectively, Raffaele Riva enhanced his expertise in the fields of economics and finances.

Through his academic education as well as the experience which he garnered by working as a professional in the financial world, Raffaele Riva obtained the expertise required to succeed in his chosen line of business. It wasn’t too long before this certain skillset started to show its effects in terms of highlighting Riva’s prowess in finance as compared to many other competitors, which eventually led him to achieve his current stature in the larger business sector.

After founding his company AUREA Multi Family Office, for which he also serves as its president, Raffaele Riva went on to establish a slew of businesses under the umbrella of AUREA Multi Family Office. Through the years 1997-2008, Riva launched various startups where he also worked to scale them by holding a leadership role. This earned him a reputation for being able to launch multiple ventures across different industries.

While Riva’s education and extensive experience is to be credited at first glance, in the businessman’s own words, this was possible due to showing passion and enthusiasm in the business segments that he chose to launch his ventures in. By making sure that he was genuinely interested, Riva not only established the new entities but also had them achieve new heights of success.

Owning a business can be a tough endeavor, especially when one can’t find the proper services for jobs that are out of the range of their skillset. It’s easy to overlook this need when starting a new business, but Toyo Setal has any business covered with professional construction services that will put all competitors to rest. They are a Brazilian based company with skills constituting simple to the most advanced construction projects. Toyo Setal is engaged in the proper handling and deployment of industrial enterprises.

Their services encompass a wide range of fields including steelworks, fertilizers, chemistry, petrochemistry, mining, oil, and gas. Integrating important end-to-end solutions is the cornerstone of their business, which is effectively carried out through advanced technology and professional collaboration. This isn’t like going to a restaurant and ordering something off the existing menu. Their menu is comprised of an intricate network of available solutions for any business and is custom designed for each situation. No project is too large or difficult for Toyo Setal, and they have proved this throughout the years with their versatility and reliability. Toyo Setal has achieved the award of “Innovations in the Integration of Engineering Projects” at the event AVEVA World Summit 2014.

This is an impressive feat on the technology front, but the meat and potatoes of their business are the qualified professionals that will handle each customer’s business needs with the care that one would expect from a family member. Your business is their business, and with each passing day, they become more adept in the area of adaptation for each individual. This can be a tricky task to accommodate everyone with full satisfaction but Toyo Setal has the resources and experience to make any project happen. Taking pride in results-driven collaboration is one of the hallmarks of their business. Without teamwork and an advanced selection process for employment, it would be difficult to maintain the standard their customers have come to expect from them. This is why they invest so much time in making sure that the roots of the company are well-watered and fruitful for coming years!

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