Bruce Levenson ran several businesses over the course of his career including both an industry news publishing corporation and an NBA basketball team. But, according to Forbes Magazine, a after selling that team just two years ago Levenson is making the non-profit world his new home and is encouraging young people to enroll in the University of Maryland’s Do Good Institute. The reason Levenson has started this place isn’t because he feels businessmen should be obligated to give to charity, but because he feels their leadership in the business world can be used to guide non-profit groups that sometimes fail due to not having experienced leaders there. Read full article:

Levenson’s new school includes a regular curriculum with the basics of philanthropy and what students should know about getting involved with charities. But it also has labs where they can put their imagination to work and use solutions they might have otherwise used in business and show how a non-profit group could use them to change their community. Levenson himself has been a part of these endeavors in the past including at Washington D.C.’s Holocaust Memorial Museum where he’s been a trustee for many years and has also gotten young people involved through the Bringing the Lessons Home initiative.

Bruce Levenson grew up in Washington D.C. though he attended college at St. Louis’s Washington University prior to going into journalism. After several years of contributing to a public newspaper, Levenson wanted to start a private news company and in 1977 he and his friend Ed Peskowitz started publishing papers in their small apartment. That was the start of a business that grew into a large international technology news source subscribed to by many energy, banking and high tech companies called United Communications Group (UCG). In 2004 Levenson and Peskowitz decided to use the profits they had made with UCG to buy the controlling shares in the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks and they owned the team until 2015.

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  1. In a way, moves like this is capable of lifting the spirit of many people who lack the financial buoyancy to further their studies. Just as quality papers Bruce has gone back to being a philanthropist and with quality initiatives being introduced by other top business persons like him the society would be a lot better.

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