In the past few years the conversation of mental health has come to the forefront of our society, however, many of its stigmas still linger and often keep those who need the most help from seeking it. In hopes to remove negative stigmas and reach as many people as possible, TalkSpace, an app-based therapy provider that allows its users to directly connect with a licensed therapist via text or video chat has recently announced that they will be partnering up with Olympian gold medalist Micahel Phelps in order to further spread the message that aid is available, anytime and anywhere. Check out to read more about Talkspace reviews.

Michael Phelps who himself has previously spoken about his struggles with mental illness will provide a connection to those struggling with mental illness through a nationwide television campaign. Phelps stated that throughout his career he would struggle with mental illness, however, he never had a private outlet to deal with it, not until he discovered TalkSpace. His goal through this campaign is to make the public aware that there is helps readily available and at an extremely affordable price. The inclusion of Phelps into the TalkSpace team will convey the message that mental illness does not discriminate and can affect anyone of us.

In addition to his role as a spokesperson for the company, CEO Oren Frank has announced that Phelps will also work with the Talkspace advisory team in order to provide insights on the struggles of mental illness and suggestions on how the company can better there service. Talkspace VP of Marketing Michael Kuznetsov stated that Phelps story is a powerful one and his own experience with mental illness will aid in the companies goal to reach as many people as possible in order to provide them with the help they need. The partnership will include not only a televise campaign but will also include social media ads featuring Phelps.