Matt Badiali is a noted natural resources expert and has worked with some of the top mining companies in his successful career. He has spent years in the natural resources sector studying the investment pattern. He has traveled around the world to visit mines and held interviews with top CEOs of the mining industries. He believes that since he has experienced how the industry works and can help people with investing in the natural resource industry. Matt Badiali is currently the Editor at Real Wealth Strategist published by the Banyan Hill Publishing and provides helpful tips to people looking to invest in different industries.

His investing specialty is natural resources, and people seek his help because of the first-hand experience he has of the industry. While most other experts just study the trends to offer tips, Matt Badiali performs his own research. Recently, he has been quite hopeful of a metal Zinc as he feels that it is one of the top investments that people can make at the moment. Even though gold, silver, and aluminum are more popular, it is Zinc stock that is going to rise. The demand for Zinc has been on the rise in many different industries such as automobiles, airplanes, batteries, cosmetics, computers, smartphones and more.

Zinc has some really desirable properties such as it is recyclable, inflammable and it also doesn’t rust. Zinc is a metal whose demand has been increasing considerably, but the supply is limited. Experts feel that there is going to a shortage of Zinc in the coming years that will further push the price of Zinc stock. Matt Badiali says that if people want to make a profitable investment, they should choose Zinc over other metals. Matt Badiali completed his graduation from the Penn State University and then earned a Masters degree from the Florida Atlantic University. He has thousands of followers who rely on him for information on his investment advice that they can trust.