Mark Holyoake is an iconic investor, especially in the food industry. He is an investment genius who saw business opportunities where others failed to see. A perfect example is his investment in Iceland Seafood International. Mark purchased the company when the economic scene in Iceland did not look very promising. Iceland Seafood International was a top seafood company in Iceland, but the economic instability was taking its toll on the company.

Mark believed that under the right leadership, Iceland Seafood International had the potential to continue growing and expanding its areas of operation to Europe. Mark Holyoake provided the leadership that the company needed and after about nine years, the company is a giant in the seafood industry. Mark Holyoake has a wife and three kids. He attended the University of Reading and graduated with a business degree.

Running bis seafood companies is not easy and requires a lot of hard work. Mark Holyoake has directed various companies, and with his expertise, he has transformed them into reputable companies. Looking back to when he started his career, Mark Holyoake wishes that he had taken things slowly and with more patience. Being new to the industry, young entrepreneurs tend to rush things. Mark Holyoake advises against hurrying. According to him, approaching projects with patience yields better results than trying to rush things.

In a bid to be a better businessman, Mark Holyoake tries to share his ideas with as many people as possible. By sharing the ideas, he can get views from different people. Not everybody has the same take on the business. Ideas vary according to backgrounds and experience, Mark, therefore, sources Mark Holyoake’s information from a variety of people. Mark Holyoake works closely with a team of talented people on all his projects. He makes sure that his team members agree with him on different matters before embarking on a project to yield better results.

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