As Seymour Segnit, founder and CEO of the firm Magfast, points out, there are a number of problems with device chargers today. For starters, they rely on wires, which are ugly, and also tend to be poorly made. Furthermore, when the wires start to come apart, the entire charger ends up in the landfill, which is bad for the environment.

That’s why his company is selling its new wireless Magfast charger system, which relies on magnets and is built to last. There is clearly enormous consumer interest in the Magfast charger system as evidenced by the fact that Segnit was able to crowdfund $300,000 for his Magfast Family product line in 15 minutes.

The Magfast Family consists of six magnet-driven chargers that can charge almost any electronic device. Each Magfast charger can be purchased individually or as part of the entire Magfast Family. With a Magfast Charger, the user can say goodbye to wire tangles and tripping hazards. Aesthetically, the Magfast Family is gorgeous and is drawing comparison to iconic Apple products such as the iPod.

The different Magfast Family chargers serve different purposes. For example, the RoadCharger plugs into car outlets to provide up to four USB devices with power. The AirCharger, on the other hand, is designed to be used in kitchens and offices. The chargers themselves can be charged using the WallCharger, and the TimeCharger works with smart watches. More information about the entire Magfast Family is available at

About Seymour Segnit

A highly talented and accomplished individual, Seymour Segnit studied engineering at Oxford University. Since leaving school, he has, among other things, worked in finance, become a well-known radio personality and been involved in a number of successful Silicon Valley ventures. The Magfast charger is his vision, and he is involved in all aspects of the Magfast venture.