LocationSmart is the number one platform when it comes to Ip geolocation. The company is the best at providing businesses with asset tracking, cyber security, operational efficiencies, and much more. When a business is looking to have continuous monitoring of all of the connected devices throughout their company LocationSmart can provide these services. LocationSmart is number one at this service because they are always connected and there is no disruption in location reporting. When it comes to asset tracking global cellular and wi-fi location is frequently used by LocationSmart to protect valuable assets. Asset tracking also allows a company to find a device no matter what part of the world the device is located in.The IP geolocation works on any connected device that have serving network attributes and a location can even be determined if the device is roaming domestically or internationally.


There are companies out there such as enterprise application developers. These types of companies usually have a challenge of managing their assets that are connected on a global level. LocationSmart has offered a solution to this problem with its LaaS platform which includes Global Site ID. This platform is very cost effective and allows for companies that are enterprise application developers a safe and efficient way to track their assets by using the cloud. The most common types of companies that will be utilizing the LaaS platform are supply chains, shipping, transportation, and companies that utilize atms or vending machines.


The LocationSmart LaaS platform helps businesses to manage all their connected devices, assets, and their customers connected devices on a global level. The services that LocationSmart offers goes across fixed Ip addresses, wi-fi networks, and cell phones. LocationSmart has built a great platform that allows businesses to keep all of their devices protected and connected. This will ultimately lead to a business protecting their customers and gaining new customers while at the same time increasing revenue. Location smart Prides itself on providing its clients with the best privacy platform that an IP geolocation company can offer. LocationSmart has built such a successful platform with LaaS coverage that it is used worldwide my numerous Fortune 500 companies. This says a lot about LocationSmarts and the LaaS coverage that they are offering. If Fortune 500 companies are using LocationSmarts LaaS coverage platform to protect their assets and to keep their clients and employees connected this makes a statement just how reliable the LaaS coverage platform is.


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