There are many benefits to IP geolocation in addition to marketing efforts. While businesses of all sizes use IP geolocation for attracting customers, it can also help your business with services that you never knew IP geolocation could do.



Traditional regulations often extend into the virtual environment as well. Online casinos and other gaming / betting houses are required to follow all federal, state and local laws with regard to age limits and location. Some states and municipalities do not allow their residents to use online casinos. IP geolocation can ensure that online casinos and betting houses are not used in restricted areas.



Online fraud is an ever-present threat. IP geolocation can help determine if, for example, a user’s bank account is being accessed by the actual owner or if someone is trying to fraudulently access that account. Once the IP geolocation alarm is triggered, your business can take the extra measures necessary to confirm that the real owner is actually trying to log in to their bank account. This also protects your own business network from possible hacking attempts.



If your business model relies on streaming content, such as movies or music, IP geolocation will help protect the digital rights associated with that content by analyzing when and where your content is being accessed so that any improper distribution may be revealed.



LocationSmart’s global location services can help your business keep track of its assets from devices to advertising efforts. Their platform provides insights into such activities as user verifications, resource tracking and real-time location, job status, device management, IoT, advertising, customer support and more. In addition, the location-as-a-service function improves customer service by providing more relevant data into their current usage of text-based support, online chat, payments and other online business systems.



Continuous monitoring and location determination is available even for devices that are not found through Wi-Fi and GPS, giving your business the ability to find and track any of your devices around the globe. With the ability to locate around 15 billion devices, LocationSmart can provide the optimal location services that your business needs, plus open new avenues for business growth.


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