During the first part of 2018, LocationSmart completed its extensive Beta system. The company, since then, has forged partnerships with various companies across different industries utilizing generally available services in various areas in Canada.

LocationSmart is capable of offering flawless application using its platform and many customers who were able to avail of their services have already taken off and launched.

Being one of the market leaders in terms of connecting devices using global Cloud Location Services, LocationSmart provides the most comprehensive cross-carrier platform for local, hyper-local, and context aware application development.

It covers both outdoor and indoor uses over different devices, networks, platforms, and carriers. Recently, the company announced that it is expanding the services of its platform to all over Canada.

LocationSmart is one of the leading and largest Location As Service (LaaS) companies in the world. It offers a wide range of services such as those included in the company’s most recent expansion namely SMS or short message service, consent management, and LocationSmart’s secure carrier network location, and several other geo-contextual associated services. Through this most recent expansion, LocationSmart is integrating content-based access to over 90 percent of mobile subscribers all over Canada using its proprietary platform.

The Canadian network location along with the SMS services is available to all major wireless carriers and numerous other sub-brands. After getting approval and the necessary consent from the subscribers, businesses and companies can track mobile devices in real time without even downloading an app or installing a software. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Facebook

According to the company’s chief executive officer, Mario Proietti, the most recent expansion of LocationSmart paves a way to a wide assortment of opportunities for the customers so they in turn could provide a wealth of useful and efficient services to their subscribers all over Canada.

The new range of services along with other systems in LocationSmart’s plan for global expansion empowers them to enhance their support to customers as they explore new territories and develop partnerships with various businesses, the CEO added. The company’s platform offers carrier-level security and protection that goes with extensive privacy settings for the users’ content management capabilities.

Because of this, customers get secure and reliable location information. It allows them to locate in real time all devices including tablets, smartphones, feature phones, IoT/MSM, and several other devices that can be tracked using the platform.

At present, LocationSmart is providing its services to Fortune 500 companies and other highly innovative startup businesses by helping them change the way they run their businesses. The company offers the widest coverage and the largest international footprint with an extensive and thorough portfolio of programs that are privacy consented that end-users can easily take on.

Visit the company’s official website at www.locationsmart.com to learn more about its products and services.

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