Originally founded in 1995, LocationSmart has created a patented platform to keep the mainstream business secure and connected. LocationSmart is currently the world’s largest mobile Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) provider.

LocationSmart’s IP Geoloation services not only provide a secure connection by being able to locate where an individual is trying to connect from as well as spot proxies that could cause potential security risks. On average, LocationSmart verifies more than 1.5 billion connections through the cloud each month!

LocationSmart has even taken the time to work with other industries to be able to comply with regional and state regulations such as iGaming. This would refer to operators of iGaming and mobile lotteries. Through their Geolocation services, LocationSmart is also able to be utilized as an asset tracker. Able to track through the entire supply chain all the way through shipping and the final transportation of the asset through remote monitoring solutions.

Not only does LocationSmart provide security and tracking, but also has a specialized geofencing solution through their SmartZone technology. This allows businesses to be able to make sure that connections to their networks are accessed on site as well as allow for marketing. Through the SmartZone technology, you are now able to easily start and manage marketing campaigns that are more geo-relevant to your demographic.

In more than 200 countries already, LocationSmart continues to grow to meet the consumer and business needs of the future. One main technological factor to consider is cost related concerns of GPS solutions versus LocationSmart’s technology. LocationSmart uses, as stated above, IP Geolocation services. This means that they do not need to access satellites for their platform to work.

A couple of major pros about non-satellite use is that it takes away much of the upfront cost that GPS needs to operate. Also, many times satellites are out of sync or do not have a good line of site causing a signal to be weak. Many devices also exert large amounts of power in order to try to maintain a satellite link. Through LocationSmart’s platform, everything is through the cloud.

With the changing world, LocationSmart has taken the time to look towards the future. Realizing that the average person already had around 3.5 devices connected to one another already and that was 4 years ago. Within the next year the number of average devices connected to one another is expected to be over 6.5 per person. When looking into the business aspect, the average business uses over 2 devices just to complete normal daily tasks. Looking at all that LocationSmart has to offer, it stands to reckon that this company will stand the test of time.


To learn more, visit www.locationsmart.com.