Kim Dao spends the day in Japan with a kimono on. She takes viewers on a virtual tour of her experiences while wearing the kimono. Kim Dao first visits a store to purchase the clothing. Trying on the kimono is just the first step in getting just the right look.


Kim Dao makes sure that she has her white socks ready to go when she gets to the shop. That is the first thing she puts on because trying to do say after the kimono is on is too difficult. The juban, a white slip, goes on next. A woman at the store helps Kim Dao wrap the kimono around her to get just the right fit and to bunch the material so that the koshi himo belt can be put on.


After getting her full kimono outfit on, Kim Dao chooses her hairpieces and gets her hair pull up in a bun. She is now ready for her day in Japan. She takes viewers along with her as she visits various restaurants, first trying curry. She and her friends also make an attempt at karaoke. One of the best parts of the video is when they go about town enjoying the cherry blossoms.


Unfortunately, the rain began to fall during the visit, so they returned to their room in order to change from their kimonos before heading out for dinner. Kim Dao explains that she felt a bit freer after taking the kimono off because it was a bit restricting. She suggests; however, that if you have the chance to try it out, it is well worth it to feel for yourself just how amazing it makes you feel.


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