Show the house the one that is constantly growing with more Products, customer, diseases, and Company every year. with that being said it is still hard for some medical oriented Anthony to get a foothold in the industry. there are a lot of older and I’ve already set the precedent for healthcare. it could be hard for newer companies to get out their bright ideas or new products. one person trying to change this to give them the opportunity that they seek is Jeff Aronin.

Jeff Aronin is an entrepreneur was interested in biotech and Healthcare. he is determined and CEO of paragon biosciences. He has been in the industry for over 20 years and wants to use his entrepreneurial and Industry knowledge to build accompanied that helps by investing and managing biotech companies. What sparked this is in Jeff Aronin was an experience he had with a patient that experience severe seizures. My spelling on the off position he noticed how he decided to use medicine instead of a very serious brain surgery secure to cure the patient. he was amazed by what medicine could do and wanted to help save more lives by giving companies that create these medicines the time, energy, and the investments they need to be successful. That’s a Spartan create Paragon biosciences and since then he has been on his path to helping Healthcare and biotech reach new heights. he has experience successful far with getting 13 new drugs approved in the market.

Paragon his company trying to find diseases and ailments that are rare or have little to no remedies. this is because they truly want to make a different. they look for solutions that can have a better result for patient overtime. what’s Paragon understands the science and then technical side they work to create a company or business the research, distribution, and other facets of creating a successful medicine. dog getting a drug or medicine can be very difficult Jeff Aronin has a man confident and patient in his company and himself. Paragon continues to grow, and Jeff Aronin is ready to take on all challenges.