Jana Lightspeed serves at a top-notch venture capital firm. It is certain that Jana Lightspeed interacts with a variety of people at her firm and as she does her job on a regular basis.

As such, it is important that Jana Lightspeed understands the concepts of a holistic life, understanding balance and providing value overall in every setting that she is a part of.

Being a responsible adult and being a responsible VC is very important to Jana. She knows that as long as she is keeping herself in check and keeping herself balanced overall, that she can live out a great life and do her job quite well.

As a part of her job, she might look at different studies, talk to researchers and learn.

On Mental Health Talk

One key trend in Silicon Valley is that of mental health. As such, she may look at a study by Harvard talking about mental health and joy. One particular study may be of interest. One noted in such a study that those happily married in their 80s tend to have minimal to no effects on their overall mood, even on days when they felt physical pain.

Furthermore, interesting insights on dating apps.

Dating Apps are Not the Only Answer

So what if you are aromantic, recently out of a relationship, or simply single by choice? Would you never be happy?

Thankfully, that is not how it goes.

As mentioned in the study’s findings, happiness is not only dependent on romantic relationships. You could find strong social support in platonic relationships as well.

The key is to find people that you can connect with, the ones you could rely on, and the ones you always have on your side during your highs and lows. Jana is quite likely to heed to these words and see how they translate in the real world.

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