A successful entrepreneur is a person who can develop and sustain a business successfully. This requires core skills of human resource management, vision for growth and commitment towards a goal. Jacob Gottlieb meets all these criteria and has made a place for himself in the investment world.



Jacob Gottlieb was born to Polish parents in Brooklyn in the year Max Gottlieb, Jacob Gottlieb’s father migrated to Poland many years back. He works as a university professor in Economics at the City University of New York. Jacob Gottlieb’s mother, Helena Gottlieb is a pediatrician at Staten Island, New York. Jacob Gottlieb drew inspiration from the diverse professions of his parents He went on to pursue both Economics and Medicine. Mr. Gottlieb received his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Rhode Island’s Brown University. He achieved his Master’s degree in Medicine at New York University School of Medicine. Jacob Gottlieb further completed a medical internship at a New York City’s Hospital. However, his ultimate passion lay in the investment domain, which is where he developed his career. The Association for Investment Management and Research awarded him the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst in 2001.



During his childhood years, Jacob Gottlieb was a baseball enthusiast and card collector. His talent for investment came into the spotlight when he won a school competition. The contest involved making astute decisions regarding the most suitable stocks to buy. Jacob Gottlieb’s instincts for investments made him win this challenge. His father acknowledged his financial skills and encouraged Jacob Gottlieb to begin investing his savings via a bank account. Jacob Gottlieb has always been a hard-working person. He took up a job as assistant to golfers at a golf course and efficiently carried out his duties. His early roles helped him learn the ropes of running a business successfully.



Jacob Gottlieb’s most prominent entrepreneurial success was the foundation of Visium Asset Management LLC. He functioned as Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of this company. In 2013, this firm managed assets worth 4.7 billion dollars through its work with six privately-owned funds. Visium enterprises were headquartered in New York and went on to manage 3.5 billion dollars through stocks and assets.



Jacob Gottlieb honed his investment skills through the many executive positions he occupied in the past. He was a partner at Balyasny Asset Management L.P. from the year 2001 to 2005. He functioned as Portfolio Manager at this company. Prior to this, Jaco Gottlieb worked at Merlin Financial as Portfolio Manager. He also attained work experience as an analyst for buy-side investments at Sanford C. Bernstein company.


Jacob Gottlieb

Jacob Gottlieb contributes to society through the multiple non-profit organizations that he supports. These include the Math for America charity. This group is dedicated to the cause of promoting mathematics and science initiatives all around the country. This it sone through fellowships offered to both fresh as well as experienced educators. Once a teacher becomes a fellow, he or she becomes part of a prestigious society of experts and professionals who take an active role in the advancement of mathematics and science.