JACK PLOTKIN One of Jack Plotkin’s most important accomplishments is helping to make telehealth a reality. Telehealth allows patients to access many of the same services they could receive in a hospital from the comfort of their own home. The difference with today’s technology is that it’s easy and accessible to all patients with an internet connection not just the wealthy few. Streamlining of the technology eliminates many previous hassles and allows patients to more quickly discuss important issues with their doctors.

Patients are increasingly using wearable devices, including standard phones and watches, to gather basic information about their health. Jack Plotkin’s innovations help connect this information with doctors and give the doctors better insights into their patients’ health. At the same time, Plotkin has helped integrate this data into existing medical records and has made standard medical records more readily accessible to physicians providing telehealth services. He has also placed a major emphasis on costs to keep this technology available to all.

The end goal for Jack Plotkin’s technology is to give early warning of major health problems and to help patients receive more proactive healthcare rather than expensive emergency care. Data remains the major way of achieving this. By showing patients more information in ways that they can understand and giving doctors sources of information beyond traditional question and answer methods, Plotkin hopes to revolutionize medicine in a way that keeps people healthier.


Jack Plotkin has spent over 20 years working in healthcare and healthcare technology since graduating from Harvard University. He was one of the original members of VirtualHealth, which has become one of the 40 fastest-growing companies in America. He now supports healthcare companies through his investment and advisory firm, Cardinal Solutions.