Gustavo Martinez is a high profile keynote entrepreneur who has over 30 years’ experience in the marketing and advertising industry. Over his long career journey, he has worked in the most prestigious firms in the world, and as a result, he has brushed shoulders with very high profile personnel who have helped him learn and better his expertise even more.



Gustavo Martinez’s work has not been easy all through. Considering that he has had to be the head of many firms, he had and continues to be very creative in his trade. This helped him to become the best entrepreneur and the most desires. Companies that have had the privilege of experiencing his leadership have grown in huge margins, making them stand out in the market.



Gustavo Martinez goes on to say that in the advertising world, untapped talent is what is required. He, therefore, man haunts for the fresh college and university graduates who have the enthusiasm to work independently. This has helped him in growing his company in that every time he recruits new graduates, new ideas on advertising are brought up.



Gustavo Martinez believes that whatever he sets his mind to do must be accomplished. Recently, he partnered with the UV Business Acceleration to narrow the gap of business startup failure. They two companies are looking for strategies in which a business that is established can start with baby steps, and later on stand as a firm business. Gustavo adds that most businesses that are formed are bound to fail within 3 years of establishment, a situation which has bothered him for a long time and wishes to confront it.



Being in the entrepreneur phase, Mr. Gustavo has turned into what most people call a workaholic. Unlike other people who start their day by doing some exercise, Gustavo wakes up and after having his breakfast, heads straight to the office where he kicks off his day.



The one thing that has excited Gustavo Martinez the most is the internet. This is because the gap between traders and their customers have been reduced. With the internet, there is online selling and buying of products without necessarily having to go to a physical location to get a product. Clients can also purchase a product online and have it delivered at their doorsteps without a hassle.



Gustavo goes ahead and shares the secret behind his productivity. Treating everybody with the utmost respect and being in a position to listen to them all has helped him a lot. This makes people feel important and share their ideas with him, which in turn, he uses to benefit his company. Mr. Martinez goes on to advise other entrepreneurs to be diverse and to always look for the best when hiring. This will, in turn, help in the growth of their businesses.


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