Darien Dash is an entrepreneur and business executive known as the CEO and founder of DME Interactive Holdings. Some of his notable accomplishments include making the first African American internet company to be traded on Wall Street. His company has been able to teach minorities essential computer and leadership skills to thrive in today’s economy. Dash grew up in an excellent family structure that started to deteriorate in his adolescence, however, he used it to make something of himself. The executive understands marketing concepts and technology. Being raised with a family of talented individuals in the entertainment industry only helped Dash excel as he created Roc-A-Bloc records alongside his cousin. In fact, the label was so successful that it raised over 100 grand during his second year of college and even signed rapper Jay Z.

The entrepreneur also worked with President Bill Clinton to expand internet access to everyone. He also worked with the CEO of HP to create a firm named Places of Color that won an award for the firm of the year. The company was formed to sell low-cost computers to minorities. Darien Dash accepts that The Movement Management Firm was created by working with clients for many years. The business executive recounts that his day to day activities start by waking up early, working with clients, traveling, and handling other duties. Some ways that they have been able to bring ideas to life is by not discriminating against anyone of stature or background, and instead, working with clients individually to execute goals. One trend that has excited him tremendously is seeing minorities elevate their status in the work world and work with one another. He has personally seen different movements to address injustice and inequality at its roots; that is what pushes Darien Dash. To know more about Darien visit bloomberg.com

The individual mentions that he is a creature of habit, and he believes in the process. Some advice that Darien Dash shares are for people to continue to accomplish their goals and build for the future. He recommends that entrepreneurs keep a track of their finances because it can destroy a business or impact its success on the market. He reflects that his strategy of holding the clients to utmost priority has gone a long way to his success. Darien Dash finds excel useful and recommends that communities read the bible simply because it is the book of life.


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