┬áIP Geolocation is a computer software that can identify a user’s location using the IP address that is connected to the network. A process that LocationSmart has perfected through the years, IP Geolocation can assist a business in more than just knowing where a remote employee is activating a network or server from.

This technology can assist companies in maintaining a community within their workplace as well as aid in the overall quality of communication with its clients and employees.

LocationSmart provides programming to business that locates Application Programming Interfaces to vendors, clients and employees. This software operates on a cloud-based system that is secure and protects the privacy of both the company and each individual user. Each device that connects to a network platform has a unique IP address, which can be used to identify the particular user as well as their location.

However, this innovative programming can also be used to enhance many other aspects of a company. IP Geolocation can assist a business reduce risks of online fraud as this software is able to detect if a user is accessing the business’s network through an unauthorized device and has the ability to red flag certain software code that is being used intentionally to hide the user’s actual identity or location. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

In addition, this program can assist with keeping assets and proprietary information secure as well as protecting copyrights and other digital data that is stored at the network level.

Finally, by being able to pinpoint the areas that users are accessing the company’s information from, the business can tailor marketing and advertising campaigns that specifically meet the individual needs of the targeted area, thus increasing the possibility of profit for the firm.

Using IP Geolocation and other technology from companies like LocationSmart help businesses to not only secure their network, but provide data on the who, what when, where and how of a specific user’s activity on the site. This provides an eagle eye for the company to prevent data breaches all while enhancing the firm’s overall security.

By implementing IP Geolocation within its network, a business can collect more data on its users with minimal risk allowing freedom to connect with its consumers on a more personal and relevant level.

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