InnovaCare Health is one of the known leading and top organization that provide better medical services. The organization also is linked with both PMC Medicare Choice Inc and Puerto Rico Healthcare. Due to the services the company provides it is listed among the best, they also take good care of their patients hence enabling them to complete their objectives each day. Also the organization always introduce new innovative methods that enable their patients to acquire the treatment they need.


Due to the problems many healthcare faces and also to others that may occur the organization ensures their major plan is to change the healthcare department so that these problems can not occur in the future therefore making the medical sector to improve rapidly. InnovaCare as well makes sure their staff members abide by the values which the company has hence made the organization to develop. Some of the values include always attending to patients adequately, providing better medical service to the patients and also creating a better bond with the patients which enable the patients to be free and trusting. Furthermore the company helps minor and upcoming medical center to grow hence improving medical networks. You can check out Crunchbase to see more.


Dr. Richard Shinto is one of the prosperous medical experts whereby he is also the CEO and the president of InnovaCare Healthcare. Rick Shinto also served as the president and the CEO of Aveta Inc since 2008 to 2012. Additionally he also is the Chief Medical Officer in California at NAMM. In the medical business he has more experience therefore making him unique and accomplish more. He as well went to California University and attained B.S and also studied at the University of Redland and attained MBA. He also has books that he writes whereby he explains on the ways of dealing with medical problems and also improving the medical sector. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Penelope Kokkinide is also part of InnovaCare Health and she acts the Chief Administrative Officer at the company. she as well is the Chief Operating Officer at Aveta and InnovaCare Health. She works hard in what she does therefore making her vital personnel at the company. additionally she also held other top positions in other company including CenterlightHealthcare as the manager whereby her main work was to introduce innovative methods that will enable the organization to develop. She studied at Binghamton University at got a degree in biological sciences and New York University at got masters degree in Social work.



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