In an interview that he did with IdeaMensch in January 2018 this year, Igor Cornelsen was able to put to right several issues concerning his personal and professional life. Cornelsen said that the idea of starting his Investment Company came as a result of the experience that he acquired in serving as an investment banker. He has been managing funds in the stock market for many years since the 1970s. For several banks where he worked. For Igor, a typical day involves waking up early in Sao Paulo when the European markets are opening. He then spends the day looking for international news as well as studying companies and economies. The other things that he does include attending meetings with friends and colleagues, adapting his fund’s portfolio and other things in between.

On his side on how he brings an idea to life, Igor says that he follows the economies that shows potential to improve in investment assets and sells the assets to the countries that show the probability of deteriorating due to political challenges. He says that the one habit that has made him be a successful and a productive entrepreneur is the fact that he can get information right from unbiased sources. To the young entrepreneurs, there is the need to ensure that they look for a lot of information and learn how the news affects the markets.

Born in 1947, Igor Cornelsen attended the Federal University of Parana School of engineering which at the time was the only engineering school in Parana and Santa Marina states in Brazil. After two years in the institution studying engineering, Igor decided to study Economics in the same university. He later in 1970 graduated and got a job at an investment job. He made a name for himself as an investment banker, and in 1974 he became a CEO at Multibanco. He later moved to other banks before starting his investment firm.